Loyalty Program FAQ

Loyalty program is a nice way for you to be able to reward and interact with your customers based on how loyal they are. We have gathered all answers and questions we could come up with and everything you need to know about the Loyalty program here.

Basic: App, and member

Advanced: Leeroy Cloud and App setup

Follow up and accounting

Can I see how many points have been collected and used?

How to set up loyalty program? Click here! 


Basic, App, and member

How do I enable the Loyalty program?

By switching the setting Loyalty program activation to ACTIVE in Cloud. You can save your Loyalty program and work on your settings before you activate the program for your customers.

How do I collect points?

You collect points based on the sum of your purchase.
For example, if the conversion rate is 1 kr = 1 point, it means that you get 97 points on your 97 kr purchase. But for 100 kr = 1 point, 95 kr will yield 0 points, and 105 kr will yield 1 point.

How do I spend points?

Add products to the cart. Click on “Use points” under the product to pay for this product with points.

How do I know that I have enough points to purchase a product?

The icon and points next to the price in the food menu is grey/disabled if you don't have enough points to purchase that product. It is only the “Base Product” that can be bought for points. That means if you add something from an option group that costs extra, you will pay that additional cost.

Where can I see my points?

You can see your points on the start screen on the loyalty card, and also on the right top corner on the top bar when you are on the food menu.

How long are my points valid?

You can see your points expiration date on the “loyalty page” when clicking the loyalty card. Based on the setting “Lifetime of points” for your Loyalty Program in Leeroy Cloud, the year is divided up in a number of periods. The number of periods is 12/lifetime of points, so using a period of 3 months divides the year in 4 periods (3*4=12)

During a period, all Loyalty Points earned get the same expiration date, which is when the next period ends. So if I, as a new customer, make one purchase in January earning me 50 points, and I make another purchase in March earning me another 100 points, I have a total of 150 points which all expire the last of June that same year.

If I make more purchases during the second period, before the first points expire, they will be given the expiration date the last of September.

When I decide to spend my points  the oldest unexpired points are always used first. This means that if I use 100 points during the second period of the year, the amount of points that will expire in that period would be reduced to 50.

How do I know which level I am?

You will find this on the “loyalty page” when clicking the loyalty card.​ (If you have set up levels and chosen to show this to your members).

Where can I see the conversion rate?

You can see the conversion rate on the “loyalty page” when clicking the loyalty card. (If you have chosen to show this to your members).

What happens if I change my phone?

The points and membership are tied to your phone number, so as long as you don’t change the number you will keep your points.​

What happens if I change my phone number?

A new phone number will generate a new consumer, no points will be transferred.

Can I be downgraded from my reached loyalty level?

You will be downgraded only when enough previously accumulated points have reached their validity and "expired". Not by spending points.

Ex: Adam has 1200p and is at “Silver level” which requires 1000p. The validity period is set at 12 months and one of his purchases, which yielded 300p, was made last year. This means that at the New Year, 300p will disappear and then he will fall out of the Silver level down to Bronze level.

What happens if an order is canceled when I pay with points?

You will get your points back after approximately 10 minutes

How can my customers get access to the Loyalty Program?

Make sure they have (downloaded) the latest version of the app.



Advanced: Leeroy Cloud and App setup

How can I change the image on the “loyalty card”?

Upload this in Leeroy Cloud under “Loyalty program - Appearance”. The image ratio is 2/1 and the recommended size is 600x300 px. There is always a black 0.50 opacity on the image so the white text can be read.

How can I change the Icon on the “loyalty card”?

Contact Support. The 4 different sizes and colors and specified here: ​Loyalty program - Create and administrate

What happens if I change the conversion rate in Leeroy Cloud?

Points already earned will not be affected.

How long are the points valid in the app?

You can set this up in Leeroy Cloud, between 3-12 months.
For example, any points received between 6 months, between January - June, will expire in 6 months (December).

How do I give points to a member?

Go to My members in Leeroy Cloud, select End users and search for the consumer, click on the dotted button on the right side of the row and select Details.

Here you will find the tool Adjust loyalty points. If you like to connect adjustment of points to an order, choose the order and continue to enter the number of points that you like to give to the member. Click Adjust!
The points are automatically added to the member's account and will update their total sum, but be aware that they will not get a message about the transaction.

How do I take points from a member?

Do the same steps as when you give points to a member (see the question above) except that you enter a negative number e.g “-10” that you like to take away from the member. (Put a minus in front of the number.)

How can I target an offer/communication to a loyalty level?

Select Loyalty level under Target group in the communication you are creating, then select what level/levels you like to target from the drop-down list.

What happens if I add a new product to Leeroy Cloud and want it to be able to purchase by points?

If you add a new product to Leeroy Cloud you need to manually update the Product section under Loyalty program and set the points for that specific product.

Can I reward my member automatically when they reach a level?

Yes, use them as a Target group on your communication. Only the members of the chosen level will receive the communication.

Follow up and accounting

Can I see how many points have been collected and used?

Yes, you can find it and set up a Loyalty Report in Leeroy Cloud on the page Insights-> Reports.