Target groups

How do you reach the right customers? Here is a detailed guide for how the Target groups works when you create offers and articles.

The target group helps you to select the specific users you like to reach with your communication. You have a lot of choices and possibilities here to target specific customers and behaviors. 

There are different types of target groups to choose from:

a.  Everyone - chose this if  you want the offer to include every possible customer and applies everywhere: MPOS/TPOS, Epos, WPO and app.  (Unwanted sales channels can be deselected at the setting "Sales channel" under limitations or settings.)

b.  Verified members - everyone that has created an account in the app. Works in the app and also when scanning a member in the MPOS/TPOS

c.  Custom group -  Here you have the ability to target/direct your communication to a group of customers depending on when or what they have purchased earlier.
Depending on your choice you can see how many people the communication will reach out to. You can choose one or several target options, pick and mix however you like. Options:

  1. During what time period should the customer have made a purchase? 
    This is helpful if you want to target a group of people with a certain behavior. You can choose if you want just a from or to-date or both.
    Example: Target everyone that has made a purchase during september last year, and give them a nice offer based on that. Or every one who will make a purchase from now on (1sh of september) and forward will receive this offer or article. 

  2. How many purchases should the customer have made during the selected time period?
    Example: You can target everyone that not have made any purchases during the selected time period. Zero. Or target those who has made 1 or less purchased. 

    When has the customer made a purchase?
  3. Select one or several days.  (e.g. Target everyone that has made and purchase on a Tuesday)
  4. Select a period of the day. ( e.g. Target everyone that has made and purchase during Lunch time 11-14) 
  5. Select one product. (E.g. Target all customers who have purchased an “Original”).

The example above shows a selected target group of  391 members (out of 55044)  who have purchased a Bryggkaffe (coffee) at lunchtime on any Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. 

For this senario  you can create an offer to remind them of how delicious your coffee is and give a e.g. 25% on purchasing it  at e.g a Sunday if you like mor customers at the weekend.  Or maybe you like to interest them to purchase something more with the coffee? Make an offer of som
ething you want them to purchase and believes the coffee drinkers like to go for.

If you have the partner portal:
d.  Business customers - this will reach out to your business customer's list of registered users. You can select more than one customer.

If you have the Loyalty program:

c.  Loyalty level Select the loyalty level that you like to send the communication to.